Surveillance Camera Systems

Glace Security Services provides a wide range of CCTV cameras, ensuring there is one suitable for your every budget….Our surveillance cameras can be accessed remotely from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Allowing/providing you with video footage of any events, they also act as a visible deterrent to criminals.

Our Indoor/Outdoor Security Cameras are enclosed in weatherproof housing to protect the electronics of the camera from moisture and rain. With High definition features, 2.8mm lens our 1080p 2.0megapixel cameras produces picture perfect footage.

Camera Security Services

A key component to our security systems are the security surveillance cameras. Our unique security solutions come with cameras, DVRs, and other equipment to help secure your site. Benefits include:

  • 24/7 video recording
  • Wider field of view compared to guards
  • Clear nighttime recording
  • Remote viewing from smartphone & tablet

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